Searching for their 22nd consecutive home victory, Maids face their biggest threat so far to the proud record they hold, with currently unbeaten Exmouth coming to town. With 15 points from 15 so far, Jon Hill’s men arrive at Braywick full of confidence, and will be looking to cement their place at the summit of the table.

There are several enforced changes to the Exmouth team this week, with skipper Jack Fahy ruled out through injury, and new signing Owen Nesbitt replacing player-coach Tom Whelan at scrum half. Man of the Match last week, Pete Ingoldsby keeps his place in the back row alongside Ross Morshead and Dave Bargent, with youngster Dan Armstrong switching to the row. Exmouth will enjoy the fast surface the 3G at Braywick gives, often choosing to play an expansive game of rugby, which should make for a cracking contest.

There are various changes to the Maids team this week, which will be looking to make amends for a poor 1st half performance away at Dings Crusaders a week; Ryan Long switches to centre, with Tom King and Dave Cole making their debuts in the back row, alongside openside flanker, Will Macaulay, who we spoke with this week, find out more about the mysterious bald Northerner…

*Name/nicknames- Macca, Mac Attack, Return of the Mac, Northern Norman, Pen Machine.

*Position(s)- Offside/back row

*Occupation- Teacher

*Which Maids teammate would you least like to be stuck on a desert island with, and why? Perry- he’d eat all the mushrooms, and be really needy, wanting cuddles all the time.

* Which Maids teammate would you most like to be stuck on a desert island with, and why? Ed Keohane, would sing a decent lullaby.

*What’s your favourite TV Programme? Jim’ll Fix it.

*What hobbies do you have outside of rugby? I really enjoy running Big Dom Birch’s Twitter account (@bigdombirch), and signing Batesy up for nuisance calls and spam, so that Parrott gets the blame for it. Have recently put Tony Brooks’ house up for sale, and sent pizzas round to Boughy’s, so can’t wait to see him in trouble for that.

*If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? I’d be a Moose, to communicate with Will Cadden, and try to learn what goes on in his head.

*What would you like to achieve this season, both personally, and as a team? As a team, I’d like us to finish top 4, and personally, I hope to develop my left-hand pass.

Maids welcome former Windsor skipper, Tom King, into the back row this week, for his debut, alongside new addition Dave Cole, after Ellie Birch insisted that new plaything Ryan Long isn’t allowed in the pack anymore, so he switches to 13. Rorie ‘Cow Head’ Hannigan has grass poisoning, with his udders disagreeing with the Dings’ turf, so Sammy Angell comes in at 12, after completing his month-long sausage roll tour of Oxfordshire, and Mike Andrew takes over the bar, with Dom Birch convinced that ‘mind-goon’ Sam Jarman is putting voices in his head and making him kick children. Jack Hill will be hoping that the girl he takes home this weekend, won’t end up naked in bed with his sister, and Will Cadden, currently injured, aims to make it 3 straight weeks of crying in the toilets at the strip club.

Exmouth team:

  1. Tom Brown
  2. Davy McGregor (c)
  3. Tom Barnard
  4. Dan Armstrong
  5. Mike Richards
  6. Pete Ingoldsby
  7. Dave Bargent
  8. Ross Morshead
  9. Owen Nesbitt
  10. George Meadows
  11. Matt Dayment
  12. Alex Goldman
  13. Mark Wathes
  14. Matt Ryan
  15. Rich Bright
  16. Nick Halse
  17. Charlie Gibbings
  18. Rich Cadywould

Maids team:

  1. Myke Parrott (c)
  2. Mark Darlington
  3. Andy Darlington
  4. Sam Churchyard
  5. Sam Hallett
  6. Tom King
  7. Will Macaulay
  8. Dave Cole
  9. Jack Hill
  10. Will Runciman
  11. Jaryd Robinson
  12. Sam Angell
  13. Ryan Long
  14. Perry Jansen
  15. Ed Keohane
  16. Lewis Jones
  17. Laurence Leonard
  18. Ross Lewis