Following on from a breathless 80 minutes at Braywick a week ago, Russ Bolton’s charges head to Regentsholme, Gloucestershire, to the home of Lydney RFC, where a tough challenge awaits them. Maids head into the game full of confidence, after dispatching league heavyweights Exmouth 45-33 last week. This was no doubt, the eye-catching result of the round, and one of the most notable in recent times at the club.

Exmouth, who were playing in National 2 last season, stormed into an early 12-0 lead, and the signs looked ominous, but this Maidenhead team are a smarter, stronger and fitter side than in previous seasons, and they adapted well, to bounce back and exert their control. A solid set piece, relentless defence, and clinical, pacy counterattacking were the catalysts for a 45-26 lead, until the last play, when the Cockles successfully stole a losing bonus point with their 4th try, to give a 45-33 final scoreline.

Despite their lowly position in the table, Lydney must consider themselves unfortunate so far, having had to play 3 of the opening 4 matches away from home, in a tough start to the season for them. Nevertheless, they will be delighted to be back at home this week, and will see this as a key fixture for them, to pick up some points. Some Maids boys will recognise one of the key Lydney men this week, with winger Reuben Haille having spent some time at Chinnor previously. Number 10, Ollie Locke may also be recognisable to some, having played for Old Cents in SW1 last year, and he will partner fellow halfback and skipper Sam Arnott tomorrow.

For Maids, there are several changes this week, but one of our ever-presents, big Sammy Hallett keeps his place, so we took the time to ask the introverted, retiring, long-haired Garage MC a few personal questions, to gain an insight into his mind.

*Name/nicknames- Sam, Big Sam, Samson, Jesus, MC Goldilocks, Lady Gaga.

*Position(s)- 2nd row/wing

*Occupation- I con old people out of money, by telling them their roof needs fixing, and then charge a fortune to damage it further.

*Which Maids teammate would you least like to be stuck on a desert island with, and why? Would have to be Andy Darlington, pretty sure he’d get hungry first.

* Which Maids teammate would you most like to be stuck on a desert island with, and why? That’s an easy one, Will Runciman. I know when food gets scarce, he’d be a gent, and let me eat him first. Top lad!

*What’s your favourite TV Programme? I love, love, love TOWIE!!! The clubhouse sometimes reminds me of it actually- Cadden’s psycho ex attacking him, then him sniffing round Ellie’s fit mates, only to be cockblocked by the boys. Love the drama!

*What hobbies do you have outside of rugby? I’m massively into topiary at the moment. There’s something cleansing about creating form out of a regular old brush.

*If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Interesting question, and I’m delighted you’ve asked me that actually. I would love to become a beaver, just for one day- we all know this is Batesy’s favourite dam-building mammal, and I feel if I could get to know the social complexities of this fascinating creature, he may take me in as one of his own.

*What would you like to achieve this season, both personally, and as a team? Personally, I want to score more points than anyone else ever has in one season. I know Tom Finnie did well last year, but his haul is certainly achievable I feel. As a team, I think if we are really going to push forward, then it’s vital that we know Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, word for word.

Jack Hill continues in the 9 shirt this week, despite the foot injury sustained at the hands of his Dad, Adam, who put him in an ankle lock at home, but Jaryd Robinson is away; the staunch Communist, who refuses to get a normal job and play every Saturday, has travelled to Japan, to cheer on the North Korean missiles. Mark Childerhouse is unavailable, as he and new fiancé Amy have to spend a day deciding which chair covers they would like at their wedding, but luckily there is a return to the side for youngster Max Roddick, who has spent a couple of weeks in the shed of Nic Jones. There are debuts for George Blewitt, who has just signed from Amersham, and also Mark Grimshaw and Alex French, who start on the bench.

Maids team:

1.       M Parrott (c)

2.       M Darlington

3.       A Darlington

4.       S Hallett

5.       S Churchyard

6.       L Leonard

7.       T King

8.       D Cole

9.       J Hill

10.   P Jansen

11.   M Roddick

12.   W Runciman

13.   R Long

14.   G Blewitt

15.   E Keohane

16.   L Jones

17.   M Grimshaw

18.   A French

Lydney team:

1.       C Lane

2.       N Ford

3.       B Ncube

4.       D Bennett

5.       A Southon

6.       K Brown

7.       T Patrick

8.       J Barker

9.       S Arnott (c)

10.   O Locke

11.   R Haille

12.   J Sargent

13.   J Dunn

14.   K Bower

15.   T Lakabuka

16.   G Butt

17.   L Overthrow

18.   P McCain