Welcome to the first home game of 2019, where we welcome newly-promoted Drybrook to Braywick. With 11 games left remaining, Maids currently sit in 4th place, just 5 points off the much-coveted playoff place, currently occupied by Barnstaple, who are still to come to Maids. 3rd place Ivybridge were defeated by tomorrow’s visitors at ‘The Mannings’, so all the boys will be wary of a side that is more than capable of upsetting the form book.

Back in September, in awful conditions, the Maids pack powered to victory, sealing a bonus point win, to prevail 29-7. However, with dry weather due, combined with the artificial pitch at Braywick, the dangerous Drybrook backline will be confident of an upset.

Player/coach, Tim Stevenson lines up at fly half for the visitors- an accomplished kicker and game manager, he will be vital to any success the Forest of Dean side might have in this match up. Ben Large at inside centre will skipper the side, whilst upfront Will Greenway in the second row, and Sam Peaper at 7 were standout performers earlier in the season.

For Maids, new signing, and former Championship flyer, Charlie Broughton continues at centre, but it’s another new addition we spoke to this week, Dylan Baptista. Baptista has joined the club mid-season, and the powerful winger, who also plays International rugby for Zimbabwe continued his fine try-scoring form, with a double against Cleve last week. Here’s what he had to say…

Name- Dylan Baptista

Nickname(s)- Denzel (from Only Fools and Horses), Big D, Thighs, Wendell Sailor.

Position(s)- Wing, not centre

Occupation- Priority Engineer Complaints Handler. Customer Service in a nutshell, getting shouted at.

Weaknesses- Fitting into the 11 shirt, making Longy laugh/talk/smile, catching, passing, general happy demeanour.

Strengths- running straight, male grooming, winning MoM based on looks, bench press, sniffing glue.

If you could be any of your teammates, who would you be and why? I’d be Andrew Darlington. I’d love to experience this ‘Turf Toe’ he claims to have, which miraculously appears every time we do fitness.

Which teammate would you least like to have over for dinner? Tom King- I’m not sure having a member of the EDL over for tea would go down too well with the family.

What hobbies do you have outside of rugby? I enjoy fishing trips and legal highs.

Tell us something we don’t know about you- I have a small scar on my face, from when I was attacked with a knife in a Staines nightclub.

What are your aspirations for this season? Help the club achieve history, by sealing a playoff spot, and have a sleepover at Big Ron’s house.


Laurence Leonard continues to play his final few games before Maidenhead’s finest, Theresa May, implements Brexit, and gets the little tinker booted out of the country, while Will Macaulay has escaped a recent driving ban, as he simply blamed Churchy. Andy Darlington was a doubt for the game, after brother Mark nearly forgot to wash his kit for him, but luckily Andy Berry stepped in, and left work early to help him out and then put him in the bath, in Mark’s absence. Lewis Jones, in his quest to get fit, has decided to take a break from rugby, his only form of exercise, while Myles Williamson has sadly been hampered with ‘Spade Elbow’, after his play date with Elio Mandozzi.

Drybrook team:

1.       Seville

2.       Stretch

3.       Beattie

4.       Greenway

5.       Renton

6.       Frowen

7.       Peaper

8.       Bourne

9.       Clancy

10.   Stevenson

11.   Moore

12.   Large

13.   Price

14.   Baldwin

15.   Winfield

16.   Hale

17.   Howells

18.   Watts


Maids team (caps in brackets)

1.       M Parrott (c) (194)

2.       M Darlington (31)

3.       A Darlington (32)

4.       S Churchyard (88)

5.       A Berry (13)

6.       R Long (130)

7.       W Macaulay (47)

8.       D Cole (31)

9.       C Morgan (11)

10.   W Runciman (30)

11.   D Baptista (6)

12.   C Broughton (3)

13.   N Crosley (14)

14.   M Roddick (21)

15.   O Foxley (9)

16.   S Rawsthorne (6)

17.   L Leonard (36)

18.   P Jansen (85)


Come on you Maids!