After 2 consecutive BP wins to start the season, Maids travelled to Exmouth in confident mood last weekend, albeit without Exeter Uni matchwinner Ed Keohane, who was unavailable. After a ding-dong battle of a game, that really could have gone either way, eventually the power of the home side front 5 saw them sneak a win, 32-30, with Maids returning with 2 hard-fought losing bonus points, which may yet prove to be pivotal.

It’s another Devon team up next for Maids, as Ivybridge travel to the Braywick Bowl fresh off the back of a demolition job against Launceston last Saturday, which saw them run out 69-14 victors. Over the last 2 seasons, form has followed the home sides, but Maids will be wary of a young, but dangerous visiting team, who very nearly won at Exmouth on the opening day, before conceding a late try, to draw 17-17.

The familiar faces of Matt Finn, Jon Morgan and Jay Geraty (their new skipper this term) make up the front row, and are a formidable scrummaging unit, which Maids need to be wary of, whilst Scoles and Ackerman on the wings, though diminutive in size, have real pace and will enjoy the AGP surface, which they’ll very much be used to, after having one installed last season.

For Maids this week, earning his 4th consecutive start, is new-boy Joe Parkin, who kindly answered a few questions for this weeks’ match preview:


Name- Joe Parkin

Nickname(s)- Joey, Joey P, JP, Bolo, Sh!tpants, UK Parkin Control.

Occupation- currently shine Chris Campbell’s shoes in the RAF, bring him coffee, make his bed, rub his back etc. He’s a great boss, and he even let me borrow hismobile to call my Mum the other night, to tell her I scored last week.

Position- Scrum half.

Former clubs- Exmouth, Withycombe.

Biggest rugby achievement to date- Playing at Twickenham in the RFU Senior Vase.

Favourite food- Chicken wings. Chris Campbell often leaves quite a bit on the bones, so I get to finish them off when he’s done.

Dream woman/man- Cher

Which Maids teammate would you least like to be stuck in a lift with? Would have to be Craig Lewis- did you know he was in the Army? Boring Pongo. Having my ear chewed off about that is worse than eating a Spicy Roger, bloody pork chop.

What do you want to achieve this season? I’d like my wrist injury to be severe enough to warrant a sleepover at Sharlene’s house.


Elio Mandozzi earns his first start of the season, despite the trouble at Watford ‘Top Golf’ last weekend, which saw the young Molinari hopeful arrested for ‘misuse of course holes’, refusing to remove his beloved Nike football boots, and ‘over-zealous digging’ in the sand bunker, whilst Mexican drug lord, Dan Hostetler starts alongside him at hooker after threatening to kidnap Mobbsy’s family if he didn’t keep his place.

Olly Foxley plays his last game before going away on Scout camp at Longridge for a week, but fellow back 3, Eric Blewitt is away on Polish National duty, which ties in perfectly for supporters Mark Bates and Steve Prince, who can attend the far-right rally on the streets of Warsaw, on Saturday night.


Newly-single Rob Muil misses the game- he travels to Shagaluf Magaluf for a lad’s holiday, hoping his ex-Mrs, Charlie doesn’t find out and he is replaced by Will Macaulay, who was recently hospitalised. Tests showed dangerous levels of cat milk in his system, for which Andy Darlington is currently being investigated by the police. Dave Cole, who chose to watch training from his car last night, coming out at 8.30, claiming to have been ‘at work’ plays at 8, whilst there is a welcome return to the squad for Rorie ‘Cow Head’ Hannigan. After being dumped just a month ago, ‘The Cow’ has moved swiftly to find a replacement, and we all look forward to meeting his new squeeze at Braywick tomorrow- the aptly named, Daisy.


Maids team (caps in brackets):

  1. M Parrott (c) (202)
  2. D Hostetler (4)
  3. E Mandozzi (15)
  4. C Campbell (3)
  5. S Hallett (31)
  6. A Berry (26)
  7. W Macaulay (56)
  8. D Cole (45)
  9. J Parkin (4)
  10. W Runciman (43)
  11. S Prince (55)
  12. E Keohane (117)
  13. N Crosley (26)
  14. B Mitchell (debut)
  15. O Foxley (17)
  16. S Curran (2)
  17. S Churchyard (98)
  18. R Hannigan (32)

Ivybridge team :

  1. J Morgan
  2. J Geraty (c)
  3. M Finn
  4. R Luscombe
  5. M Gilbury
  6. H Dunn
  7. J Kingscott
  8. A Nortcott
  9. B Watts
  10. M Grieveson
  11. D Ackerman
  12. W Lamont
  13. C Briant
  14. T Scoles
  15. D Lilley
  16. W Vermigle
  17. L Richardson
  18. J Toogood